MOMO at Alice Gallery

May 16, 2017

Solo show opening this Thursday, May 18th 


MOMO at Delimbo

March 8, 2017

My show “Wilderness” is on at Delimbo in Sevilla, Spain until May 30 2017



November 16, 2016

The exhibition Darmon2 in Studio Cromie’s new gallery space is my largest ever. It also sold out before the opening, which is weird. The gallery is a former ceramic workspace that’s quarried into the ground, within the historic district of Grottaglie, Italy. Half of this we left dark, to preview the “Bad Murals” adventure video.

The ceramic district in October.

Wall hanging ceramic bands produced for the show, each is roughly two feet long.

I had a lot of help, especially Angelo’s Mom and Brother, Eligio the king, and the guys at the Franco Fasano ceramic studio, plus the ever talented Daniel Bortz and Lynnea Holland-Weis who came all the way from Oakland California.

Bad Murals

November 15, 2016

Three weeks in Sicily with lots of muscle, all DIY. See project page & 14 murals here


Miami Dolphins Stadium

September 25, 2016

Located at the North (VIP) entrance to the Dolphins NFL football stadium in Miami.

Thanks to my incredible team – Monica, Nic, & Farra, plus Martha Cooper, and Goldman Global Arts for organizing the smoothest job ever. 11 other artists also put work into the stadium. Here’s a story in the NY Times.


The Option 1 Print

July 14, 2016

The first print from my New Orleans studio, entitled Option 1, sold out in minutes. Though there were just 15, this is still really new for me. Thanks very much to all supporters. For the next release, I’ll try to get the word out a little better and make the edition size larger so everyone has a chance. The gradient layer here is hand painted the same way I paint canvas, with three colors silkscreened on top.
Edition of 15, Acrylic on Arches 140 lb. Watercolor Paper, 35cm x 50cm, Embossed, Numbered, & Signed MOMO 2016

Available here

MIMA Museum

May 9, 2016

The Millnnium Iconoclast Museum of Art opened April15 with City LightsMaya HayukSwoonFaile, and myself, until late August in beautiful Brussels, Belgium.

This was really special for me in many ways. I’ve looked up to Alice Gallery (the same people behind MIMA) and these artist friends of mine in Brooklyn, all for 10 years or more.

Maya filled a lofty chapel type room, Swoon worked unexpectedly outdoors and in the unfinished basement, Faile did the bathrooms rather spontaneously, and the stairs, and filled a room with their prayer wheel from Times Square. I used two connected rooms for the things you see here: wall paintings, video, sculpture, shaped walls (one covered in stucco), a long shelf, and a curious paper experiment…

An idea of mine from 2006, which I had never fully realized, but pictured many times, over these 10 years- finally worked. That’s 1/2 of Faile ripping it. This was so much fun. Video by Alice.

And I had a lot of help! Inspired installation skills from Sergei, Benoit, and Francois. Lionel, Monica, Keene, Nic, David! & The MIMA team generally, were all creators in this.


Sydney, Australia

February 17, 2016

Commissioned by the City of Sydney & organized by Elliott Numskull Routledge. By 1 York Street, downtown Sydney.

Exciting here was the strange architectural space, painting on a floor, using a laser level, and changing the design several times.

Many thanks to Elliott for long hours late nights and a crazy finish. Thanks also to the folks at Woodchips who made us feel right at home and looked after us. We owe you boys a bar-b-q.

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