November 4th 2006

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Exciting Infographic
Comparing MOMO by MOMO to other monumental works
PDF version available here


Story Lead-Ins:

An American Journey

More than a reinvention of New York's most famous export, the one-liner tag also serves as a path leading pedestrians astray through landmark neighborhoods and city parks.

Its 2006 and respect for Old School is everywhere.

Technology leads street art again! Using a map, kids are able to plot things too large for the eyes- and a 5 gallon bucket carries more paint than a single gallon bucket...

Aware that he's refferencing Adam Purple's 1989 Footprints, MOMO adds: "I was in the 5th grade and came to the city for a wedding and wandered off, following these purple feet. I've thought of them ever since. Such a cool work. It gets further into how we live; it follows us, or we, it. Very clever. I assumed what I'd seen as a child was obscure and lost forever under two decades of 8 million New Yorkers, but google pulled it right up."

"look at me, I dripped some paint on the street" -M.Carter

Adam Purple the artist/gardener/revolutionary, inspired the painting of purple foot prints all over lower Manhattan in 1986. These footsteps led to his Garden of Eden which many in the community were trying to save from city bulldozers. Note: In 2008 Adam emailed to correct the Press Kit, informing me that George Bliss (the freight bicycle designer) had created these foot prints.

"Garden of Eden" As published in the 1985 Proceedings of the Environmental Design Research Association

George Bliss is a bicycle designer, who's contributed to the development of freight bicycles, such as the Dump Trike, Pick-Up Trike and pedicabs. He's pioneered and fought for the pedicab industry in NY with his fleet at The Hub Station. In 1992 he coined the term Critical Mass.

George Bliss via "Nation Master"

+ Music in the video
by Gabriel Yared
from "Dangerous Moves"
a French film about chess.