Global Cartoon Crisis!

December 1, 2005

Just when you thought art was quaint and irrelevant in our juiced-up media age – half the planet goes nuts over 12 cartoons- really nuts! In the Middle-East, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, violence, deaths, declarations of war, foreign policy is upended, heads of state get involved – over a cartoon!!! Cartoonists everywhere must be heady with power. Who knew a drawing could mean so much to so many? The twist is that the anger stems from the cartoons being published; & to cover the story, you might reprint them in your gazette – and blam! the editor gets assassinated and bodegas that sell the paper get fire bombed! What happened? Well, don’t tell the story & reprint the controversial things … jeez!

To be fair – Salmon Rushkie proved that Prose could cause violence, and the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh did so with Film by getting himself killed. We assume something about a book that takes 576 pages to read or a film that takes 2 hours 37 minutes to watch, and more trouble & money to create and reprint and distribute – but a cartoon that needs just a glance to read and about as much effort to create and distribute – has caused the most violence of all. That’s amazing.

I’m going to redouble my efforts to create a quick drawing that will spread unparalleled peace and calm throughout the world, and then one that erupts spontaneous love and camaraderie – we artists are back in BIZNAAAASS! (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO