August 5, 2006

WGSN is an company that decides what colors will be popular, years in advance. They sell this information to designers who need to start producing the fads long before you know you want them.
Colors popular in the past include:

Popular colors need to be precisely documented before they are popular, so that no one risks an entire collection of merchandise. Trendy colors are agreed upon this way by the biggest companies. Forbes magazine claims that WGSN has 1,500 corporate clients paying a $25,000 membership for this inside scoop. “The scoop” is the culmination of reports from around the world – fashion runways are the obvious, but there’s also trend spotters embedded in every summer festival, and major concert / cultural event / street, in the world (!). This info boils down to a single forecast, and that’s where color comes from.

Here’s Pieces of a forecast I found

for Spring Summer 06 –

Of course sometimes they get it wrong. After 9-11, global mood changed instantly and no one wanted any of the colorful crap that was planned for fall. Industries even tried to flip the publics thinking to save the season – something like “you want cheerful colors to defy terrorism – to bounce back”. But no one was having it, and many business were lost completely. Companies with a somber color scheme like Prada did very well, on the other hand.


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