Totem in the East River

September 2, 2006

Marie Lorenz, Zosen, & myself built a giant sculpture in New York City’s East River.

Marie Lorenz creates amazing art work and very real adventures, you should explore her site. This was a part of her Tide and Current Taxi project. Zosen has been a graffiti hero of mine for years, but we’d never met. Trying to make a date for all three of us was nearly impossible. Zosen’s arrived from Barcelona at midnight, made it to my studio around 2am. By 5am we had met and made a 15 foot sculpture, and were climbing into Marie’s boat (that she has made her self), hoping we wouldn’t get busted/stopped.

Everything went fine, looked great. Marie left for a foreign country that afternoon.

Here’s a rough video of “found footage” I just cobbled together:

The idea here was largely inspired by the Emeryville Mudflats that I grew up with in San Francisco’s East Bay. It was this place by the expressway people made public art from driftwood. I think there is a book about it “Driftwood Whimsy” by Douglas Keister. (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO