Attitude Tees

November 2, 2007

This guy Chad contacted me :

to do a T Shirt

“Its a serious offer for a serious designer…
I am sure you are approached all of the time about designing t-shirts, so I do want you to understand that this offer is very legitimate. I am currently in charge of a very large and successful wholesale ladies line. With that said I would like to extend an invitation to you to submit a design to Keydon. Keydon is a new t-shirt design competition website. On top of the website the shirts will also be displayed at the wholesale markets we already attend. The staff will be picking the first 20 shirts, and after that they will go into the voting system. In your case I would like to guarantee you a spot in the first 20. What this means for you is 15% of the selling price on the design for the life of the design, the first print that rolls off the line, and great positioning for the “Race For 500” and “Race For 5000” contests. “

So I respond immediately with this women’s tee:

and expect a serious answer

Chaditude writes to say:

“Wow!!! That is an amazing design. We really appreciate you taking the chance to participate! However, I regret to inform you that in order to take part in the design competition you must be over 10 years old. Stay after those art classes though little buddy, because you have talent!! “ (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO