Adam Purple / George Bliss

October 25, 2008

I received an email from Adam Purple recently.  He says he did not create the purple foot prints (that inspired my Tag across Manhattan), George Bliss did.

I couldn’t get a confirmation of this from George, but it makes sense when you see George’s other (foot powered) inventions.  Its tough to rearrange these credits in my mind – but they are somewhat amended at the “Tag Manhattan” Press Kit.  We could still say Adam Purple inspired these footprints.  I’d love to hear more from George Bliss, on or off the record.

Adam Purple created The Garden of Eden, 1975-1986 from rubble in an abandoned area of New York City.  An annotated history is here, an interesting personal account is here.  Between 1967 and 1971 he published books containing “zentences”, one of which remains preserved in the New York Public Library’s rare book collection.  See the latest (flash) expression of this here.  He currently creates pod-casts as rev. les ego.  You can find his own documentation of these projects linked through these sites, including a journal of the Garden of Eden’s creation LIFE with les(s) ego available for donation through the mail.  And though Adam abhors the New York Times, I enjoyed reading this article.

George Bliss is a bicycle designer, contributing to the development of freight bicycles; Dump Trike, Pick-Up Trike and pedicabs.  He’s pioneered and fought for the pedicab industry in NY with his fleet at The Hub Station.  In 1992 he coined the term Critical Mass. (*

Thanks to Harvey Wang for this photo.

PLAF – Final Season

October 10, 2008

Our project is finished!  Its funny, big, wet, dangerous, illegal, & moving.  Here’s a bonkers video, & there’s several others, with newly organized info over at the PLAF blog. Thanks to everyone that helped – Aiwey, Elura, Michelle, Marie, Joseph, Rafa, Renee, & Victor.

PLAF – East River State Park from MOMO on Vimeo.

Flickr Pool

A while back Hargo set up a “Show Palace” Flickr pool. Its sometimes amazing to see what kind of life this ephemeral work goes on to live, once we set it up and leave it.  And Flickr enthusiasts generally have better cameras than I do…  Here’s a great shot from Sabeth718 (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO