Bethnal Green Road

December 16, 2009

Nelly Duff has a new kind of MOMO edition.  I’ve meticulously cut out 20 collages like I’d used near Bethnal Green Rd in London, and arranged them on distressed wood, to match the color of the original wall, but 1/10 the size.

“Bethnal Green Rd.” 2009, painted acid free paper collage on wood, Edition of 20, 24cm x 30cm signed & numbered on the back.  £ 150 here

Next Add-Art curated by Julia Kim

December 14, 2009

I’m over joyed to participate with Add-Art, the Firefox Add-On that replaces online advertising with artwork.  Add-Art works perfectly, I’ve had it installed for a year or so.  Developed in part by the fantastic Mr. Steve Lambert.  Julia Kim is curating this next batch of art due to be updated December 19th, from:

Aaron Peterman
Kelli Miller
Riah Buchanan
Andrew Derosa
Arjen Noordeman & Christie Wright

Easy install here

Info on the show Subterraneans here

Faces of Death 2009

December 9, 2009

Milton Carter makes FOD happen again with friends on this sweet T-shirt.

Drawn by Hope Gangloff, Paul Conrad, Anis Crofts, Michael Williams, Jeremiah Stewart, Derick Holt, Harrison Marshall, Neil Meredith, Nathan Gelgud, John Mathias, Chris Barron, Milton’s Dad, Jason Wyatt Frederick, Mike Reddy, Jonathan Gould, M.Carter, Benjamin Marra, Kim Reinhardt, Caroline Lee, Kirsty Gould, Lina Hellden, and myself.

A sporatic tradition from 1997 and 2003

You can get one here cheap: $25
See other Milton brilliance here, like recent party photos.

Goodbye New York

December 2, 2009

I’m leaving for adventures on the road indefinitely.  I imagine it will be like this scene in Never Cry Wolf where Charles Martin Smith runs with wolves & elk.  The plan is light on details, mostly a gut feeling, like the old days.  If you think of a plan, you can email me and I will be sure to consider it, if it involves rigorous adventure or warm weather.

Thanks very much NY, I love you / miss you / can’t fucking believe it / here we go    xxxx

MOMO is a play

November 22, 2009

For four years, xhoch4 has designed the bill posters for Ingolstadt Theatre. This year they created an artists series using artworks that had already existed for their their own sake. Funny thing is, one of the plays wound up being Michael Ende’s “MOMO”

Thanks to our friend Boris Schmelter DYSET of DFM & LJDA


November 16, 2009

After the W/F 2009 New York Fashion Week runway for Y-3 in February, I was invited to work on a shoe.  The idea was: I create paintings on full scale cow hides, and then Y-3 cuts the Hayworth Mid II pattern from the leather, producing a shuffled design I could not have predicted.  This fits with other experiments in chance and automation that I’ve played with lately.

The edition of 350 shoes, includes the “5 Shapes/3520 Artworks” mentioned in a previous post, a custom box, & custom laces.

Its a extreme honor to work with Yohji Yamamoto.  Thanks to his team, Oliver and Chrissa in particular.

At Y-3 stores and

3520 Artworks

November 8, 2009

Five shapes, with two sides, on a nail, create 3520 artworks. There are actually 3840 possible combinations, but 320 here are redundant when the smallest shape (the ring) becomes obscured by the two largest (the triangle & swipe). So whether the ring is color or white side up, makes no difference.

You can download a giant version of the image below, by clicking on it.

These shapes were manufactured to my specs by Y-3, to accompany the MOMOxY-3 Hayworth Mid II

This video shows all 3520 variations in seven minutes, no split screen.


October 29, 2009

experiments from earlier in the Summer …

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