LONDON (last year)

January 22, 2009

I traveled 3470 miles to make this.

The “To Let” signs are everywhere, so this must be a well worn local gag.
Really I was there to witness greatness in the form of Eltono, Nuria, Nano4814, 3TTman, Spok, Sam3, Remed, Sixe and Faile, all out of place and together for the first time, doing Tate projects, Cans Festival, and a party. Flickr got the important stuff.  Here’s some extras:


Nano4814 & Sixe

Looks like the buff, but the good London city cleaners discern art from ads.  The Faile “Michael Jackson” print to the right has been spared for years.

Anti climb… I just looked it up: “paint that stays wet, marking intruders with a gooey carcinogenic, available in house paint colors.” Very popular.

Sam3 with some finely cut paper.

I had some trouble with this one, its in a dozen pieces.


Imitating nature: Robot’s Semen delivered in a familiar looking dispenser. Found wet advertisement, on advertisement.

Remed and 3ttman, & a touch of Moi! (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO