Public Ad Campaign

April 26, 2009

Jordan Seiler just impressed the socks off New York City with an enormous illegal ad space take over: “New York Street Advertising Takeover” collected dimensions, addresses, and images of 200 ad spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Then rallied volunteers to to paint them white within a narrow window of time, allowing artists to install work before the ad company restored order.  Around 30 volunteers knocked out 200 ad spaces with safety vests, work orders, fake official notices, and paint, from timed drop off/pick-up locations.  The ad company must have flipped out.  I think its a stunning heist.

That’s me above, more coverage here & here

In a bizarre twist, we buffed Andre‘s new liquor ads.  Sorry Dude; I’m sure the ads went back up already.

Over in Williamsburg Maya Hayuk was nailing a space in the middle of the day, on the busiest corner.

Blissed-out anarchy erupted on the streets when people who were there to shop, spontaneously began helping.

Pretty cool. (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO