Joel Kelly in New Orleans

May 15, 2009

Joel Kelly paints for all the right reasons. I’ve known him for ages now and his advice / perspective sometimes seems like all that sustains what I’m doing. Our genres are different, but his work is really good and real and that’s it. Relax and look for a long while, he’s already paid for your viewing time with longer and more intently driven studio effort than you’re likely to find. He’s built most of these paintings up, and retooled, and scraped down, and build up again, just to see. And that’s while teaching high school physics full-time. We are very stoked he’s mounting his first solo show this Saturday, at Coup d’ Oeil.

Joel also created this video ages ago  and this costume, and countless other stuff, like cardboard telescopes.
 (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO