September 28, 2009

I have this hat with a display window.  Its very cool, but might not have met with commercial success.  The website http://www.photocap.com listed inside does not exist, and I bet Edward R. Beaton (who registered this patent: 5,465,426) doesn’t bother with his P.O Box 220 Folsom CA. 95763-0220 address, also listed inside.  I picked mine up at a dollar store.  Hats off to Edward Beaton & the future.


September 24, 2009

The idea here was a single line. We just jammed this like jazz, I’m usually more uptight.

My mind is going

September 23, 2009

Last night I’m in bed, I saw a face.  Knowing that is improbable, I recorded my delusion, to share with you.
And here it is, plus “Reality”.

Sean Mahan this Friday

September 16, 2009

Sean is a surfing swami who creates great music from Neptune Beach, Florida.  He plays every instrument you can think of.  We were arrested for painting graffiti on a Kenny Roger’s Roasters 10 years ago.  Key member of the Momodores.  Sean is also a fucking amazing painter, catch his opening this Friday in Red Hook at Brooklyn Collective – the whole gang will be there.

San Francisco

September 9, 2009

Sam3 and MOMO collaboration at the San Fransisco Exploratorium.  Possibly the coolest place on Earth. I remember this contraption from when I was a child!

At Annon Domini
Sam3 had painted frames for his animation all over the gallery walls, running in all directions & then overlapping itself.  See animation Exsitu Insitu here More photos here

These markings above storm-drains in the city (might signal the last time they were inspected?) are everywhere, and so good looking… each color separated by loads of time, maybe a year, and happening everywhere in the city constantly! As a kid I used to think DPT really got up with the stencils, I mean I thought that for just like a minute.

LAMOMO interview

September 2, 2009

Spanish Arts and Culture magazine Lamono is out now, with a good looking interview. Thanks Nuria and Eva for putting up with my revising answers! xx


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