October 29, 2009

experiments from earlier in the Summer …

MOMO builds a monument to Ekosystem

October 27, 2009

Just a personal project.

In all the 11 years I’ve followed this street game, Eko’s ‘system (all 9 years of it) has been a singular kind of inspiration. I’m really indebted to the relentless curiosity/taste/curating there from Eko and other artists.  And whats more amazing, its never been for profit, seemed pretentious, or unfair.

Haha!  So just to say thanks.


October 25, 2009

// UPDATE //  Luna Park’s timelapse of the white-washing here & install here – its hillarious!

Had a good time white washing 1000+ sq ft  illegal billboards with Erin, – being chased by a crazy superintendent in the east village who was on the phone with cops, and seeing my work destroyed by a paid professional. I thought my “art work” was the worst I’ve ever made! But that happens, and it was funny. Congratulations Jordan, volunteers, artists (and five people in jail) for furthering this thoughtful examination of public space in New York City.  Documentation and links here shortly –

Paper Monster

October 22, 2009

Paper Monster have relaunched their site. There’s a blog and an interactive area. Some time this morning they’ll release the “Love Sour Love” Faile collaborative book, a silk screened edition from Faile, an etching edition from Sam3, and this original from moi MOMO

This is the back side! A destroyed piece.

During the making I saw lots of potential other works, like the future opening up.

$10,000 bucket

October 21, 2009

The real story this Summer has been this “$10,000 bucket” – a quest to f with wheatpaste tools, since actual wheatpasting is tedious. About the only thing keeping me on this ridiculous task (illegally gluing posters of triangles all over New York) is the chance to use ever more ridiculous “vandalism” tools.

Exhibit A:

Fiberglass rig holds 10 gallons of paste, is designed around the (double-wide) 18″ roller, and makes all attempts to center the weight forward to avoid “wheelies”. A center-stand (modified folding chair) keeps the rig stable while parked or pasting.

But the most ridiculous and redesigned is the roller adapter: it snaps on/off instantly & holds wide posters neatly while sending them aloft/finding placement.

A roller delivers paste up high where I like to work. A brush embeds paper in textured walls (like brick). Though I rarely bother with brick, Unger makes these 18′ and 30′ poles with detachable fittings so I can retool in a jiffy. A 3′ wide push-broom cut to 1/3 its weight and size  works, and sometimes I prep areas with a drywall knife/scraper. A laundry bag holds posters, & fits onto the bike handle bars and racks with Velcro.

The bucket is just marine fiberglass, “reverse molded” around cardboard covered in foil.  Improvements would be a plug/drain at the botom, maybe off a igloo cooler.  Currently I pick up the whole bicycle with the $10,000 bucket attached, in order to drain the paste.


October 12, 2009

I made this poster.  Is it funny?  Its an idea from three years ago, so imagine how cool it would have been then.  Teknabond is a powdered wallpaper glue commonly misused for nasty wild street pirate poster’ing.  However it is nontoxic, so there are no worries.

This might expand the genre of street posting just a bit, (there’s a 3000 year history).  I took the photo.  Its also not a real advertisement, but its OK if you feel some anti-ad resentment on this point.  If I get a sponsorship deal – it wouldn’t be so bad, as I burn through a lot of paste, and I’m sure T’bond’s parent company Roman Adhesives don’t fully realize their market.

24 hours

October 8, 2009

PA msk ljda was in town, just a couple hours.


Glacier 1998

October 4, 2009

Watching the PBS National Parks series has been great. Reminds me of the summer Cayman got us a job restoring an historic railroad chalet at Glacier N P. We made “my first graffiti”s on freights that came by, then rode them down to Whitefish for weekends/bars. We worked all day with a funny mess of mountain men, but we also hiked and camped for days at a time in the back country with young park employees. Now may be a good time to sneak some of these drawings [back] into my site…

Remote Sperry Chalet. They bring linen by mule! Flathead Lake
Sean Drinking
I’m watching Global Warming melt the last glacier.
Faith by campfire light. Cayman in the morning. (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO