$10,000 bucket

October 21, 2009

The real story this Summer has been this “$10,000 bucket” – a quest to f with wheatpaste tools, since actual wheatpasting is tedious. About the only thing keeping me on this ridiculous task (illegally gluing posters of triangles all over New York) is the chance to use ever more ridiculous “vandalism” tools.

Exhibit A:

Fiberglass rig holds 10 gallons of paste, is designed around the (double-wide) 18″ roller, and makes all attempts to center the weight forward to avoid “wheelies”. A center-stand (modified folding chair) keeps the rig stable while parked or pasting.

But the most ridiculous and redesigned is the roller adapter: it snaps on/off instantly & holds wide posters neatly while sending them aloft/finding placement.

A roller delivers paste up high where I like to work. A brush embeds paper in textured walls (like brick). Though I rarely bother with brick, Unger makes these 18′ and 30′ poles with detachable fittings so I can retool in a jiffy. A 3′ wide push-broom cut to 1/3 its weight and size  works, and sometimes I prep areas with a drywall knife/scraper. A laundry bag holds posters, & fits onto the bike handle bars and racks with Velcro.

The bucket is just marine fiberglass, “reverse molded” around cardboard covered in foil.  Improvements would be a plug/drain at the botom, maybe off a igloo cooler.  Currently I pick up the whole bicycle with the $10,000 bucket attached, in order to drain the paste.


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