World Tour 2010

March 14, 2010

Begins at the “Carter Town” hunting lodge, where Milton Sr. graciously put me up and showed me around.

His “Museum of Junk” is in a house, that is in a vast shed.  Or you could say the museum has a whole house inside of it.

Then on to Key West Florida

The day I arrived, we camped on an uninhabited island via boat, with hammocks.

This is Nick. He had a hi-tech hammock like you might use in the Amazon, and would later fashion an upright-bass from a cookie jar & broom handle.

I fashioned an oar, when all of ours floated away.

This is Cayman.  He generously let me crash at his place the whole time.  I really owe him.

This is Katrina. She drives a black Crown Vic w/ tinted windows, carries a lock pic, & writes personal checks at the grocery store.

Hoped I wouldn’t take too many tourist photos, like every sunset.

Cayman’s boat washed ashore,

Kym visited from Cuba,

I made some stuff.  That’s Milo. (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO