Coronet St

May 16, 2011

The idea here is to see a collage edition

based on a street piece done in London 2008, using the same sketch, and same medium, but 1/10th the size.

To register the design of 47 specific colored & shaped bits of paper laid in one order, 28 times, was fucking tedious.  So afterwards I went berserk on the back with a “sample palette” of colors, and numbering & signature. For fun.

This is the second time I’ve created the 24cm x 30cm collage edition based on larger outdoor work.  Maybe I’ll do it for all the collage designs that seem relevant.

“Coronet St.” 2011, painted acid free paper collage on wood, Edition of 27, one AP, 24cm x 30cm signed & numbered on the back.  Just £ 195 at Nelly Duff 156 Columbia Road London. (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO