October 29, 2011

Like famine, means hunger in Italian.

A robusto experience this year; sleeping outside, showering with cold water, painting walls 12 hours a day.  It was like a survival program to get kids off drugs, but with perfect food and gelato. I painted two public walls and worked with three local artisans: a ceramist, a carpenter, and a print maker. See the work here, and a very nice post here.

And finally a sunny photo of the piece below, from last year. The whole point was to see the shadows on the tin roof run with the painted stripes.

Angelo’s made a great video!

Tiensestraat, Outomatic

October 22, 2011

Last July, Eltono invited me along on a non-permission project involving flags, for the Museum supported Outomatic festival in Leuven Belgium.

The festival’s organizer Hans explained that Leuven has many unused civic flag pole brackets on city streets that hadn’t seen use in ages. Eltono immediately thought of the flag inspired work we’d done in 2008 for PLAF

The best part of this for me was the system we came up with to generate numerous related, but unique designs. It was a large puzzle of thick cardboard with alternating parts that acted as a stencil as parts were removed.

It was also funny that we tried to determine which street in Leuven was the dreariest, most devoid of color, so our intervention might have contrast. We choose Tiensestraat.

Thanks to Hans Geyens for putting this all together

Miami Paintings 2011

October 5, 2011

I began this series at the Fountainhead Residency in Miami in January, and finished it five months later in a studio in New Orleans.

It’s serial like the MOMO Maker work, exploring vocabulary in combination, but every element is hand painted, so there is some room for play between the concept’s rules.

A computer script helped to preview all combinations. Custom acetate guides registered the forms consistently for shape and placement in pencil. Then each was rendered in watercolor and acrylic. Paper Monster will have these works-on-paper for sale starting October 5th.

I’m getting a color zine together, for my “shop” this fall.

Thanks to everyone who made these possible – Kathryn, Dan, Skai, Galt – Thanks too to John, Dennis, and Alex


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