With Piet Dieleman

March 11, 2012

Two artists agree to go over each others work for a week. Instead of a finished mural, the public sees an event.

Painted during the week of the independent culture festival Incubate, Tilburg Holland 2011.

It was amazing to work with Piet and see the sorts of decisions he was making with the paint and sprayer, things I would never think to do. And it was great talking with him. Hearing about the first punk scene in Rotterdam, his conception of concrete painting’s ethos, and time’s strange effects on these. Here’s three images of his work below. See more here pietdieleman.nl

We managed four changes in a week, two each. Piet went first.

Besides Piet, its was also a thrill to fly under Incubate’s banner with Bill Drummond (KLF), and Steve Ignorant (Crass) as speakers, and Koen Delaere making workshops and whatspace art parties. I saw The Fall play, and either broke my rib moshing there, or to the Dutch Carnival music later, I’m not sure.

Eltono Confetti

March 5, 2012

Eltono gave me a killer “Confetti” print, and my girlfriend had my studio mate frame it.

Incubate Shirt

March 3, 2012

Wow – I’m back. Now to catch up on some web documentation, the next bunch of posts will be all out of order.

This great t-shirt was made possible by the folks at Incubate.

They’re not for sale, I just think they look nice.


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