Arcs in Space – Space 1026

April 8, 2012

Concentric arcs drawn with a metal chain pulled taunt over varied wooden forms.

I used a chain because the links are good for counting and nothing is stretching. With the chain stuck to the corner of the room, I found where I wanted the first arc to start, and last arc to end, divided that by five, and traced where these distances met the wooden objects.

From the “Aber Dubois, Steven Riddle, & MOMO” show, October 7th – 28th, at Space 1026, Philadelphia.

I was curious to see how the measuring would distort as the chain bent around objects, instead of passing through them (as contour lines cut measurements of elevation through varied landscapes for topographic maps, for example). I was surprised to see that the arcs looked so legible “head on”. Each form’s white area is a continuing colored arc from its neighbor, see how they connect? From other viewpoints the 2-D idea of the arcs shatters into a 3-D space like you might expect.

Thanks to everyone for the help, most especially Alex Lukas and Aimée Toledano. (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO