Open Walls Baltimore

May 29, 2012

Thanks to Gaia, Nanook, Killian, Annex studio-mates, Station North Arts, and Jaime and Steve from Brooklyn Street Art for picking up extra paint the last day, and all the great people I met in Baltimore.

Check This mural is at 440 East Oliver Street


May 18, 2012

Now for something new.

PublicAdCampaign contacted me to work with the code engineer team The Heavy Projects to begin an experiment with burgeoning Augmented Reality, they’re calling Re*Public.

Their sense is that new intellectual property laws and commercial claims will constrain this new form of public space. So ahead of the curve, they’d like to demonstrate a free and open public art usage of the technology, with “murals” anchored to buildings, possibly incorporating movement, sound and interactivity(!).

So far Re*Public is a demo mobile device application (fully functional on android phones) using two buildings in NY and one building in LA to trigger 3D renderings of original MOMO mural designs. The murals are triggered by the built environment and therefore track in perspective as you move around them for an uncanny sense of reality.

Over the next month they will be contacting institutions for support in bringing the new art/technology to the streets with full production value. The hope is to see a large scale AR mural project on the streets by the end of the year. Convincing institutions to back something so novel is no small task and it would help immensely if you could Like the Facebook page. There may also be a kickstarter in the not too distant future.

3D models by Ean Mering (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO