Re+Public Augmented Reality App

November 17, 2013

Re+Public just released their augmented reality app.  It’s free from iTunes and Google Play .

In St Louis I collaborated with Re+Public on a mural and the design of the accompanying digital augmentation.

The app brings up a handful of randomly selected digital forms once the mural is recognized.  Tapping on any of these digital “assets” makes them disappear, and new random forms pop up. This way a user can cycle through the hundreds of random combinations while feeling some control.

Re+Public: Moto Wall Digital Mural from The Heavy Projects on Vimeo.

The thingness of this medium seems to be that users can physically move in relation to the work, finding perspectives and even passing through forms. The app will work with any image of the mural: try triggering my wall and others from this page:  The reason for having a mural-size image to trigger the app is scale, it then becomes something immersive.

Here’s too many curious video stills, I can’t help it!

This technology is developing quickly, so whatever we’re doing today will look funny soon enough like the internet in the early 90’s looks to us today.  But exploring these new possibilities and being a part of something in its earliest stages is fascinating.

For Re+Public, there’s an interest in setting precedents for free and creative use of the new (augmented) public space, before commercial and legal interests clog the discourse.

Press Release from them here: (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO