Butt Joints

December 21, 2013

Solo exhibition at May Gallery and Residency, New Orleans.
Six canvases, one hundred drawings, a publication, and an installation.

Made possible with lots of generous help from numerous people including: Emily, Sam, Monica, Johnny, Mary, Annie, Roel, Joel, Lizz, Bartek, Heather’s son and niece, and most of all Keene.

I’ve been drawing with a ball point pen in my sketchbook lately.  I’ve done hundreds of these.

They have something to do with the current mode of painting.

Notice I’ve dropped most of my geometric forms.  By working through these pen drawings, a world of “squishy” potential has opened up.

“Butt Joints” refers to the carpentry method of joining lumber together, which allowed us to build these giant forms.

A architectural scale model was key.


Through January 24th.


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