May 11, 2014

Alice Gallery

Just Before Brazil


Works on paper by:
Maya Hayuk, Todd James, Steve Powers, Poch, HuskMitNavn, Sozyone Gonzalez, Atelier Pica Pica, Invader, Hell’O Monsters, Parra, Boris Tellegen, Colonel & Spit, MOMO, Paul Wackers, Bruno Brunet, Bjarke P z Olsen, Sophie d’Ansembourg, Jaba, HoNeT, Dave Decat, Sixe Paredes, Michael Swaney, 2 shy, Guy Yanai, Samuel François, Escif, Cleon Peterson


May 8, 2014

Photo: by Joshua Gwyn

Organized by non-profit volunteer powered Living Walls, in the Boulevard Tunnel between Old 4th Ward and Cabbage Town, this mural was enormous and could only be accessed with scaffolding and ladders.  I have no idea how many people helped paint this.  There were at least 20 volunteers on just one day, and different faces all week.  Everyone put in exceptional effort, working under the highway and freight train overpasses, beside heavy traffic and my noisy generators, in strong sun and four days of rain.

Photo: by Joshua Gwyn

Photo: Joshua Gwyn

So the credit goes to these people and the organizers, fundraisers and non-profits, and people that brought us water and cookies, and two children that brought us jelly beans.

It was also great to meet and work with the people of Living Walls.  Thanks everyone!

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