MOMO at M Carter

February 6, 2015

Sculptures, drawings, watercolors, a leaning wall, a video, and zine of 50 beds I’ve slept in.

This was a massive show in a special place.  M Carter Shop in Brooklyn is where I lived while in NY, 2004-2010, with art and fashion genius Milton Carter.  By the way, the price list pdf he created for this show is beautiful. Get in touch with him to see what’s left 141 Engert Ave, Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY.  Open Thurs – Sun 11 – 7pm. Besides the artwork, we collaborated on hats, t-shirts, and a pouch.

The 24 Sculptures all have one twist of wood joinery which make them 3d.  I see these as maquettes for larger works, sketches in space. Made mostly with marine grade plywood in Key West Florida (another amazing story: million thanks to Cayman and Cas & Andy for a 5 week residency down there, making these possible).

So much to say about this show.  It was AMAZING to see so many people, old friends, new ones, all great ones, in one place.  Thanks for coming out. And thanks to Milton, Matt, Ted, Sophia, Jack and Hannah for working on this! (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO