3am-6am Artwork and Photo Credits

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Rojo Limited Edition Book
Published by Sintonison S.L.

Artwork :

p6-7 collaboration with Zosen and Marie Lorenz.
p14-15 collaboration with Eltono
p21 collaboration with Fred Radtke
p22-23 Jacques Duforc BBQ Bike
p26-31 collaboration with Eltono
p32-33 unknown artist collaboration with Fred Radtke
p46-47 collaboration with Melissa Brown
p82-85 collaboration with Melissa Brown
p96 collaboration with Melissa Brown
p104-107 collaboration with Melissa Brown
p114-117 collaboration with Eltono
p118 Joel Kelly‘s Studio
p122-123 collaboration with Eltono
p123 collaboration with Milton Carter
p125-127 collaboration with Eltono
p130-131 unknown artists, Jamaica, & Phil of “Phil’s Foul”
p138-139 mural with Maya Hayuk
p146-147 unknown artist Jamaica
p148-149 collaboration with Eltono


p14-15, 114, 222-223, 148-149 Eltono
p78-79 Jeremy Schoenherr-Lachance
p106-107 F. David Boira
p128-129 Rafa
p138-139 Maya Hayuk
p158-159 Victor Esther G.

Huge Thanks to all these people listed above, and also Patricia Yague, Eva, Cayman, Joel, Eve, Sean, Kelly, Mike Menace, Geoff, Faile’s Pat Pat & Matt, Eko, Tedward, Maya, Jacques, Spitz, Hunter, John, Rotten Row Workshop, Tara, Rasmus, Sergio & Subaquatica, Espeis Gallery, Monkeytown, Howard, Marc & Sara, my Family & everyone that gave me a place to sleep, hitchhike rides, guidance, & inspiration.


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