Checking Sam's equipaje: at one point he had three extension poles joined together,
with more taped to the side, for strength.

30 km outside Madrid.
Its like these famous Toro's were made for him - I'm thinking of his "Shadows" silhouette series... That's the light of Madrid behind the bull - but it was dark as fuck. I don't know how he saw enough to paint.

I was thinking of Goya's Giants... The lighting, the theme.

  Here you see he's painting from the top.
Nasty Style Its just passing cars giving any light. That's a only white bucket of paint he's holding at the top.
from the highway the next day. * the Toro de Osborne advertised brandy until in the early 90's. They were to be taken down when Spain outlawed billboards on national roads, but the Spaniards protested, the bulls were painted black and become a national symbol. (Paraphrased from here) (pic here)

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