MIMA Museum

May 9, 2016

The Millnnium Iconoclast Museum of Art opened April15 with City LightsMaya HayukSwoonFaile, and myself, until late August in beautiful Brussels, Belgium.

This was really special for me in many ways. I’ve looked up to Alice Gallery (the same people behind MIMA) and these artist friends of mine in Brooklyn, all for 10 years or more.

Maya filled a lofty chapel type room, Swoon worked unexpectedly outdoors and in the unfinished basement, Faile did the bathrooms rather spontaneously, and the stairs, and filled a room with their prayer wheel from Times Square. I used two connected rooms for the things you see here: wall paintings, video, sculpture, shaped walls (one covered in stucco), a long shelf, and a curious paper experiment…

An idea of mine from 2006, which I had never fully realized, but pictured many times, over these 10 years- finally worked. That’s 1/2 of Faile ripping it. This was so much fun. Video by Alice.

And I had a lot of help! Inspired installation skills from Sergei, Benoit, and Francois. Lionel, Monica, Keene, Nic, David! & The MIMA team generally, were all creators in this.


Sydney, Australia

February 17, 2016

Commissioned by the City of Sydney & organized by Elliott Numskull Routledge. By 1 York Street, downtown Sydney.

Exciting here was the strange architectural space, painting on a floor, using a laser level, and changing the design several times.

Many thanks to Elliott for long hours late nights and a crazy finish. Thanks also to the folks at Woodchips who made us feel right at home and looked after us. We owe you boys a bar-b-q.

18th & Market, Philadelphia

November 8, 2015

Photo: Steve Weinik

The tallest mural in Mural Arts 30 year history, thanks to so much help – from Jenkintown, Sean, & everyone with Mural Arts, Thanks to people in Center City skyscrapers for sending us photos while we worked. Thanks Philly! Part of the Open Source program, curated by Pedro Alonzo.


Art Production Fund, NYC

From Art Production Fund & Vornado, at the corner of 34th Street and 8th Avenue.  One full building wrap of two canvases, opposite Madison Square Garden and Penn Station in Manhattan. Big thanks to Danielle’s visionary mock-up.

Open Source Philadelphia

Open Source has been a Summer-long event involving fourteen artists looking to give something away akin to the philosophy of open source computer code, which is written then shared for free. This involved varied social programs, direct collaborations, and experiments across the city. I saw Open Source as the perfect moment to turn over my Practical Geometry research to young artists. This became a two week workshop, culminating with a full color demonstration of Practical Geometry as it may Relate to Wall Painting.

Curated by Pedro Alonzo and hosted by Philadelphia Mural Arts. I would like to personally dedicate this painting to a man named Bill Bill. Thanks to everyone that helped: Dominique, Always, Jbecause, Jamee, Caitlin, and Sean the closer.  And organizers: Monica, Lisa, & Chill Phil, teachers Brad and Marcus. 1831 Frankford Ave. Fishtown, Philadelphia.

Ace Hotel Palm Springs, California

April 14, 2015

Mural for Ace Hotel Palm Springs, California ‪”Desert Gold 2015″ two week Coachella party.

Good for portraits. Thanks to Kym for a ton of expert painting.

Mons, Belgium

March 26, 2015

For “Mons 2015” European Union Capital of Culture. Curated by the fantastique Alice.

John Hancock Tower, Boston

February 28, 2015

Curated by Pedro Alonzo.  At 250 x 34 ft, the mural spans the length of one city block in Downtown Boston.  All thanks to the team Sean, Hannah, & Monica.  This will be open to the public for at least six months, at the ground floor entrance to the tallest building in New England – so it’s easy to find ; )  https://goo.gl/maps/mFm0K .

Above photo: Geoff Hargadon

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