MOMO Maker

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A computer that makes my work for me.

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Drawings Original

A printing series by the same process.

A wall sculpture by the same means, with finite (3520 to be exact) results.

Late 2007 I spoofed myself with a web page that made MOMO’s artwork.  (You can create your own HTML ‘Maker with code at the bottom of this article.) Its really just shuffling, inspired by collage, where reconfiguring elements is easy and fun.

The online MOMO Makers unleash millions of variations from just a few near and dear elements.  I save results with a single key-stroke, averaging around 200 an hour.  I will probably never see all of them.  Visitors to my site will see my work that I’ll never have time to see.

The same shuffling process for HTML, works well for printing, and video.  Eltono and I even tried floating garbage in the Hudson.  Architects tell me its similar to Parametric Modeling CAD applications, used to self generate 3-D forms.

The Code!

I began with dynamic drive’s code for random slide shows. Follow the instructions on their site, but stack several slideshows on top of each other in <div>s. If you make the images gifs with transparent areas they can reveal other layers, and make the surprising combinations. This code animates nicely but requires that you hand-code names of all files to be shuffled.

Easier than that is’s php code; you don’t name a thing. Whatever is in your folders gets scrambled. The bummer is we’ll need to make the whole page refresh to see changes. This code is great, and its how I have my wordpress header set to randomize (there’s three wordpress header <div>s nested in each other). Follow simple instructions on his site, but stack several random image’s on top of one another as before. Place this code in your head if you’d like to see the page automatically refresh with a new random results.

The best program for screenshots on mac is InstantShot (free) and PC MWSnap3 (free).

If its helpful as a head start: copy this code & follow my notes inside it. Throw images into folders, with one copy of ‘s php code in each. (you’ll copy the code off his site as a text file and rename the extension “.php” Good luck, I really know nothing about this stuff. (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO