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In 2013, Angelo of Fame Fest and I, went to Jamaica and Cuba. My love for non-representational public art comes from 8 years working off and on in this region (1999-2007), and in Jamaica in particular. With this adventure we return to the source!

Jamaicans have an amazing tradition of vernacular loud pattern use in public areas.  I’ve been telling people about this for years & how locals seem comfortable with the visual signals, to the point they often overlook them.

We talked with as many people as we could, even the painters themselves, and most people could not imagine this as a phenomena or anything special.

While we were looking around, I painted these:

We had tremendous help. So thanks to everyone that made this possible, including Kathryn and Frank, Roktowa, David and Melinda in Jamaica, and a handful of international patrons with vision.

After traveling in the Caribbean, we spent a few months creating an exhibition in lovely Southern Italy (Grottaglie) with Studiocromie, of canvases, watercolors, ceramics, and prints.

Photo: Matthew Bandiello and Idwt










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