Exercise 1 & 2 with Eltono

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In September of 2012 Bien Urbain hosted Eltono and I for our fourth experimental collaboration.  We had several ideas, but time for just two of these. This is the first one.

Two artists install bits of found wood with a hand saw and rubber mallet, into 52 cellar door and window spaces particular to Besançon, France. Using only tension to hold these in place, they demonstrate a variety of arrangement possibilities across a range of spaces in the city. The results may go unnoticed (as artwork) until enough are recognized and associated as such.

We were inspired largely by the types of urban modifications, barriers, and repairs on buildings that demonstrate odd solutions, curious physics, or appear to be total mysteries.  So we titled this “Improbables”, French for Improbables.


This is the second part of a collaboration with Eltono in Besançon, France.

Bien Urbain Fanzine

Texts & pictures by ELTONO & MOMO
Layout & print : Lucile BATAILLE
available here
Documenting Exercises No.1 & 2: Improbables
& Peinture Au Cordeau Traceur.


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