Public Art in Private Spaces

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An experiment to take “Public Art” deeper; right into peoples homes and intimate spaces.

I was curious to try creating artwork for a sampling of “the public” for free and with no obligations, like I’d do in the street, but more directly.  I really don’t know the public I’m working for when I make things anonymously, and often the idea of public becomes mythic and hazy.  This seemed like a way to learn what different people thought of my work, and to experience some pressure from the close contact.

Urban/Street/Outdoor/Public Art not urban street or outdoors, just very public.

Key West is really diverse and I was naturally hoping to represent all of it by gifting artwork to all sorts of people.  It would be nice to see a total portrait of the island in the documentation of my work + residents.  I’m sure its is possible with enough time.  The hesitation most people had, involved their landlords concerns or rules, as was the case with island military housing.

So as a project, its incomplete, but as an open ended inquiry, we’ve taken one step, learned some things, and had a good time.  Thanks to everyone that participated, helped & hosted. (cc) by nc nd 2017 MOMO